Tuesday, 23 October 2012

get a job...sha na na na na na na

I’ve read that the biggest cause of death is retirement although from the view at my desk today I think that work may be the straw that finallu breaks the office monkeys back…

Evolution or the big white elephant in the sky gave us a brain, two arms and the ability to create and what do we do with it? Copy faxes and write emails to equally bored recipients. Money is the most important factor in the consumerism society and it literary pays for the air we breath and the food in our overfed bellies so living off the land and chilling all day is not an option, but this?

Taking the stairs to the top floor and throwing yourself off the roof is as pointless as calling in sick for a day or two to the company heads. It’s a mild inconvenience and your work is easily distributed and amalgamated into the tapestry of grey that is the working week. The only thing we really have is music, when all is said and done it is the only thing that touches the lower internal levels of consciousness that was forgot about the moment the first cave man saw a spark of fire. I think it’s safe to say that he probably banged out a primal percussive beat for his own personal enjoyment before he decided to begin his quest for a hot meal.

Hail! Hail! Rock and Roll!

Monday, 1 October 2012

12 Dirty Bullets - Single Review

‘She Could Love You Forever’
12 Dirty Bullets
Fatman records 2012

Released 01/10/12

When the 12 Dirty Bullets first arrived on the London scene in 2009 they wore their influences on their sleeves without pretention, some Libertines, Oasis, Beatles and Jamie T licks were copped along with Dylan and singer songwriter nods and although they managed to make their own space in the crowd it seemed like they might disappear into the bunch like hundreds of other bands grabbing for the same audience.

As history shows the road can make or break bands in the first run of their ascent with only the minority managing to weather the storm in one piece. After a gruelling US, Europe and UK tour complete with a quick line up change (drums and lead guitar) the band 2.0 have found themselves and managed to gel as a driving working unit. The lead off single from what will be their 2nd album ‘Riddles’ is ‘She Could Love You Forever’ a free download for the ever faithful and taster of things to come. The track itself shows that 12 Dirty Bullets have followed the advice of their heroes and evolved both sonically and musically, incorporating both strong melody and a classic chorus which manages to be catchy without becoming cheesy. Excellent placed lead guitar work also referencing back to ‘Revolver’ era Beatles showing a maturity to arrangements and production.

The new material that has been previewed live is evidence that by adding new colours to the sound while keeping one eye on the audience and potential market they have thrown their net wider than their indie roots and could be one of the big breaks of 2013.

Launch party live @ Dingwalls,London on Friday 12th October (details on site below)