Thursday, 21 March 2013


As the wildly anticipated Record Store Day approaches I have been given a heads up on some of the Demon Music Group releases that will be included.

As well as the official special Record Store Day releases there will also be some classic albums completely re-mastered,re-cut and re-released for your turn table twirling pleasure.

Starting this April, Demon Records will also present audiophile-friendly heavyweight vinyl releases from a broad spectrum of influential and adored artists across several genres.

These include The Jesus and Mary Chain, T. Rex, Marc Bolan, Suede, Ian Dury & The Blockheads, Dinosaur L, Family, Ruth Copeland, Ashley Beedle, Tom Moulton, Sugar, The Beat, Average White Band, The SOS Band, Ian McCulloch and more.

Due to the increasing importance of Record Store Day for the international music industry and the rapidly growing popularity of vinyl, coupled with the label staff’s love of the format, as a flavour of what to expect from Demon Records, they are delighted to deliver a very special release schedule for Record Store Day 2013, which takes place on April 20th in shops nationwide.

The rare and incredibly limited runs of Record Store Day releases are only available once, and represent a number of Demon’s illustrious catalogue artists, plus exciting new third party projects. The releases are as follows:

Artist: The Jesus and Mary Chain
Album Title: Psychocandy - Colour Splatter LP
Cat No: CANDY1
Quantity: Strictly limited to 1000 numbered units
Info: Paint splatter vinyl reissue of The Jesus and Mary Chain classic Psychocandy with A3 reproduction early gig poster.

Artist: Suede
Title: Barriers / Animal Nitrate - 7" Double A - side
Cat No: SUEDE9313
Quantity: Limited to 1500
Info: Demon Records, in partnership with ADA [Warner] present this strictly limited Suede Double A - Side 7" single, offering fans an exclusive link between their past and present material. This strictly limited package sees the first single 'Barriers' from 2013's Bloodsports album alongside Animal Nitrate which celebrates it’s 20th anniversary this year.

Artist: Dinosaur L
Title: Go Bang - Double A-side 12”
Cat No: DINO01
Quantity: 750
Info: Legendary avant-disco anthem from maverick cult hero Arthur Russell, the epic and sought after Francois Kervorkian and Walter Gibbons mixes are pressed on a clear 140 gram vinyl 12” and sleeved in a reproduction of the original Sleeping Bag Records house bag.

Artist: Marc Bolan
Title: Marc Bolan Maxi Pack - Double 7” Gatefold Package.
Cat No: BOLAN5
Quantity: Limited to 1500
Info: Deluxe gatefold package highlighting the only two singles from this era that Bolan issued on the EMI label, one a duet version of an old Phil Spector song with Gloria Jones, the other using the Big Carrot pseudonym.

7” 1: Marc Bolan & Gloria Jones: To Know You Is To Love You / City Port
7” 2: Big Carrot: Blackjack / Squint Eye Mangle

Artist: Heaven N' Hell
Title: The Heaven N’ Hell Remixes - 12”
Quantity: Limited to 700
Info: For the first time ever on 12” vinyl, Demon Records sister label Harmless Records are delighted to finally unleash 3 stunning versions of Heaven N’ Hell’s mighty Whatcha Gonna Do. Originally from the soundtrack to the obscure 1979 film Nocturna, the tracks have been in high demand for the last few years.

The 12” features Ashley Beedle’s brand new exclusive remix, Tom Moulton’s original remix and a previously unreleased Tom Moulton instrumental remix.

Artist: Family / Ruth Copeland
Title: Ashley Beedle Rocks Re-Edits -12”
Quantity: 700
Info: Harmless Records are proud to present two brand-spanking new Ashley Beedle re-edits on two classic prog/rock & funk tracks exclusive for Record Store Day! Ashley Beedle sonically re-works Family’s Burlesque and Ruth Copeland’s marathon workout of the Rolling Stones classic Gimme Shelter to produce a stunning double-sided 12” limited to just 700 copies.

Artist: Ian McCulloch
Title: The Killing Moon / Pro Patria Mori (Reworks) - 7" Single
Cat No: MAC001
Quantity: Limited 800 numbered run
Info: To celebrate the release of Ian McCulloch's new album package Holy Ghosts on April 15th, this limited and numbered 7" single pays homage to the original Echo and the Bunnymen Killing Moon sleeve and features unreleased live orchestral reworks of Mac's legendary tracks produced by Youth (known for his work with The Orb, Killing Joke, Depeche Mode and The Verve).

Artist: Men Without Hats
Title: Safety Dance - 30th Anniversary 7” Picture Disc
Cat No: SAFETY01
Quantity: Limited to 500
Info: New vinyl release celebrating the 30th anniversary of the new wave/synth pop smash hit. Side B features a previously unreleased instrumental mix.

Artist: Chas & Dave
Title: ‘Rabbit’ - Rabbit Shaped 7” Vinyl
Cat No: RABBIT01
Quantity: Limited to 750
Info: Exclusive rabbit-shaped 7” in plastic wallet. This replica shaped vinyl mirrors the 1980 original single with Side A featuring the cockney classic Rabbit and with The Sideboard Song on Side B..

Visit for more information.

If all that wasn’t exciting enough, watch this space for more information on the following forthcoming classic albums released on Demon Records, and Demon’s new soul imprint - Tabu Records.

Alexander O’Neal Alexander O’Neal (Tabu Records)
Cherrelle Fragile (Tabu Records)
The S.O.S. Band III’ (Tabu Records)
Average White Band AWB (Demon Records)
Ian Dury & The Blockheads Do It Yourself (Demon Records)
T.Rex The Slider (Demon Records)
The Beat I Just Can’t Stop It (Demon Records)
Sugar Copper Blue (Demon Records)
Leo Sayer ‘Endless Flight (Demon Records)
Saxon Solid Ball Of Rock (Demon Records)

All of the above releases will be on lovingly-mastered 180 gram vinyl and include exclusive download cards for a free redemption of the album digitally.

Demon’s key catalogue and new releases on high end, multi-format heavy weight vinyl, incorporating original album reissues through to high-end super deluxe packages, combined with beautiful, high-quality packaging, expert mastering and timeless catalogue at great value, equal a truly exciting prospect for lovers of vinyl in a growing market for the format.

Monday, 4 March 2013

The Vex - LIVE@Barfly

The Barfly – Friday 1st March

Tonight I am in the crowd at Camden Town’s Barfly for The Vex’s single launch for their single ‘Martyr’ and obviously I’m hidden in a corner looking like someone’s cranky old man or worse still a narc. The Vex on the other hand are scattered throughout the crowd mixed in with the crowd with friends and fans alike and in a very un-usual turn of events for a headliner act actually watch both support acts before taking to the stage themselves.

I have seen The Vex 3 times and each time am filled with the same excitement that turns me from a chin stroking gig reviewer into a skirt wetting Beatles fan within a few seconds into ‘The Revolutionaries’ (their opener). On stage they look like the last gang in town, part Star-Club era Beatles, part Clash. They aren’t pulling messianic poses or keeping one eye on the photographer they are there to do a job and give the crowd a good night, and they deliver on each promise.

The Vex aren’t for sale and aren’t part of some con by trying to convince you to like them with some musical hard sell, instead they take the roots of rock and roll and remind everyone what the music was supposed to be about when Muddy Waters electrified the blues and brought guitar music from the delta to the city. THIS IS CITY MUSIC!

Unlike the majority of wannabes they actually walk the walk rather than just name-check the right bands and utter the occasional punk platitude. The Vex mean what they say and indeed say what they mean without apology or second thought. The group amble on stage around 9:30pm and drop straight into the set at 100mph without letting up until the end with such intensity and fire that The Ramones would be forgiven for checking their watches as each song rarely clocks in above the 3 minute mark. Songs such as ‘A Fool’s Desire’, ‘The Law of Cause of Effect’ and the new ‘Burning Day & Night’ are raw, tight and hooky as hell with both punk and SKA showing influences throughout.

The Vex

The single being promoted tonight is ‘Martyr’, a track about the recent Pussy Riot arrests in Russia that although only sneaking a fag paper over 2 minutes in length manages to sound both complete and full. The song length for me is simply a reflection of the times we live in, after all people are busy, busy, busy and on a Friday night with a fistful of whatever wages the faces in the crowd have scraped together they simply don’t have time for lighter waving anthems that are best off left to play under X-Factor heartbreak montages , they want to exorcise the weekly grind and enjoy their weekends until the nightmare of the Monday morning alarm.

2013 will be the year The Vex make their mark no doubt and with festival season rapidly approaching you’d be a fool to miss out on the rock and roll train this early in their career. Get in early for a change and be on the cusp of the wave before it finally breaks.