Monday, 3 June 2013

IC1s - GROWING UP GOING DOWN (Official Video)

IC1S - Growing Up,Going Down - SINGLE REVIEW

I think it was Jesus who said “Rock ‘n’ Roll is a funny old game” and for once this may be true. For some Rock and Roll is an envelope that needs constantly pushing, re-evaluating, dismantling and reconstructing every time a group enters the recording studio, whilst for others the art of recording offers up one simple goal, "make it count". For IC1s it's a time to capture the band at the top of their game like a sonic photograph before they get back out on the road where the group truly lives night after night playing for a crowd. 'Growing Up,Going Down' is raw, honest and noisy and in my opinion this isn’t something that can be constructed piece by piece like a jigsaw, you’ve got to just press record and hold onto your hat.

The track is a rallying call to arms that has become an anthem for the group since they introduced it in their live set. The lyrics conjure up universal images for anyone trying to find their place in the world while the clock of life ticks past day by day whilst wrapping it up in a powerful musical panzer attack that turns the songs message from depression to elation in a single verse. The sound could be thought by some to be derivative of both 90’s Britpop and classic rock and roll but surely this would only be a negative point if they’d tried to go any other route. They are 90’s lads and pretending that they spent this decade carefully learning Bjork B-sides would be contrived and pointless, IC1S are out for a good time and are going to get their kicks whether you like it or not. ‘Growing Up, Going Down’ is genuine, loud and proud with a gentle lifting chorus and finger knotting ear worm guitar work that you’ll be humming from now until Spike Island.

‘Growing Up, Going Down’ is out now.
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Also available as 7” Vinyl via Two Sisters Records