Monday, 22 March 2010

morning saviour!

So whats the difference between a religion and a cult? Well acceptability and government sponsorship I guess. Did you know that music with a BPM (beats per minute) of 45-72 will be remembered more likely than any other tempo. The reason is that is closest to the human heart beat, funny what your brain picks up, also repetitive, repetitive,repetitiveness will also help you remember (say 5 hail mary's anyone?)...ever wondered why churches, even new spangly fancy ones are cooler than the average "room temperature", the reason is because if you are relaxed, even maybe slightly sleepy you are more easily hypnotized, now I have said the word "hypnotized" no I'm sure some people are backing off. But these are basic mind control tricks used by fascist and communist governments alike to help control the general public so why wouldn't they be used by other organisations to keep the money rolling in. Rolling rolling, every wondered why people get referred to as "a good speaker" or "they have such great rhythm in their voice"...this is another brain washing technique where the voice is rolled in a pattern in a kind of vocal guitar solo again at about 45-60 bpm, a lot of lawyers have used this technique when going over very long and boring evidence they pattern their voice in a very monotone pitch and keep it chugging along like a 1 sentence train every now and then emphasizing certain words almost like that card trick where you ruffle the deck from top to bottom and the person watching sees all the face cards flash past but 1 sticks in the memory...this is one that is stuck to another and is a fraction of a second slower (as to be caught by the naked eye).

Why am I even going on about this rubbish you ask? Just saw the pope on tv giving a very unfeeling speech on tv about the many,many cover ups of priests that have attacked and inter feared with children and instead of being arrested were just quietly moved on to another parish. He didn't mean it, total arsehole hitler youth anti-christ nonce lover.

right. Scientology. my other favourite breed of insanity after a few drinks and the conversation moves on to this type of argument.

Forget the newspapers, forget the tabloids, silent birth, alien warlords all that crap and get to the meat of the matter. Dianetics, or scientology (now that they have tax free status they changed their name..see?) I have read the book "Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health" the book EVERYONE has to read when joining these guys. Its a very simple book which helps as it doesn't exclude the average joe six pack who prefers the Daily Sport tits and football mag to say Wuthering Heights. It focuses alot on "confession" another great tool to kill your personal ego and talk about your weaknesses and fear and how lowly you are and how you NEED this. It reads very simply talking about very un-crazy basic spiritual things such as the soul or "thetan" as they call it to separate from new age type of hippiness. Its very of its time as a book, its the same as the "men are from mars, women are from venus" type of layout, no fire and brimstone or tying a knot in your left hanky for luck type of stuff. It also refers to a point that you only take something as truth if you believe it to be so. So basically if you read something and think "that's total shit"..then its not true. There lies the rub. You cannot progress further along the "bridge to total freedom" unless you believe. You have to convince your brain that you believe it. You can't just say it, you need to believe it as fact. How do they weed out the undercover reporters? An E-METRE. A machine which is a skin based crude lie detector, if you don't believe *NEEDLE LEFT* bang!...your gone.... *NEEDLE RIGHT* welcome!... so where does all the alien stuff and cruise-isms come from. Well I would say a mixture of 2 things, firstly the author of all these scientology books and leader (now deceased) L.Ron Hubbard was a sco-fi writer and wrote many,many sci-fi books so some of these have been mixed and falsely claimed as "scientology" when in fact they were just comics and books he'd written previously and lastly the fabled "XENU" (as seen in south park and many other discussions mocking the "religion/cult/whatever"..This is a high level training type of thing. I think its another "you better believe this, even though its freaking crazy cos the key to eternal life is just within grasp"...or "hey if they've come this far and spend X amount of dollars into the thousands they are going to feel pretty stupid to leave now and will just accept it as FACT... SO. What is at the end of the rainbow? Eternal life. You are your spirit, your body is just a car, your arms, your legs, your eyes, these are just meat and bones, you are a soul. Why do you feel love and compassion for your family and friends? Easy. your soul is in a human body that has evolved from cavemen which are mammals and lived in families and packs and tribes, so you still feel this, but you need to ignore that and only follow scientology. Ever wondered why news reports have shown families asking for their kids to make contact after cults have taken them away? They are taught not to care. Its a crazy way of thinking and life but more crazier than believing that carpenters get resurrected and the world is 10,000 years old. Or that women who show their hair should get stoned to death in the street to repent for their sin against god.....

I don't believe in beatles, I just believe in me - John Lennon...

good point, though i would have thrown Yoko in the list as well.

go in peace my brothers and sisters...and don't forget your wallets.

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