Monday, 19 April 2010

take the ride...

Foreboding atmosphere has been surrounding my thoughts recently. I hope its just the nervousness you get when queuing up for a rollercoaster or something... something needs to happen. I think its the 29th birthday quickly approaching (6 days and counting) 29! a kinda milestone although not yet 30! which is the proper one...this is my mock G.C.S.E 30th birthday...another chance to turn it all around before I hit the marker... lets compare 29th years..

bob dylan at 29 years old
already made 11 albums, including "blonde on blonde"..

ok...maybe aiming too high....

at 29 years old
jimi hendrix
brian jones
jim morrison
kurt cobain
ian curtis
robert johnson
otis redding

ALL DEAD after smashing their way into history and creating legends

ok still aiming too high..

29..must be someone still not made it...

HOWLIN' WOLF!! 41 WHEN HE MADE HIS FIRST RECORD...god bless your 300lbs of heavenly joy Mr Burnett...

not down for the count yet...

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