Thursday, 19 August 2010

One More Roll Of The Dice?

Can I be arsed? That is the question. Yes pop pickers I have been on this merry go around of half arsed bands, half arsed deals, wannabes, skinny jeans, Lord Byron reading Brit-popping road for 10 years plus now..I've actually seen where the wave broke and the new generation came and went... At the moment I have 2-3 offers on the table from various bands and studio/session work but like the man who's climbed Everest only to be faced with the joy of sticking a 2 foot flag in the top maybe the journey is better than the realisation? Who knows, either way I can feel the warm blanket of conformity approaching with my 30Th Birthday in April and the idea of just playing in some Friday night covers band for a wad of greasy £20s seems better than digging out the Chelsea boots and heading around the Camden/London circuit for the 20Th time for no money and big promises from the new batch of twitching Marty mcfly label A&R scouts from some snide indie label....

...though its fun playing to people with all their own teeth who still have the fire in their eyes, those who life hasn't beaten yet.

"Hope I die before I get old?" Pete you don't know the half of it mate....

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