Friday, 1 April 2011

pinch punch 1st day of the month.....

April is here...April 1st to be completely accurate which means very soon (the 25th) I will be crossing the threshold to which there is no safe way back... I will be 30 years old! What the hell happened to my 20s? They seemed to pass through various failed domesticity, loads of bands, hangovers and new projects that would be "the one" but ultimately came to nothing more than a pile of flyers and half finished demos. The first sprouts of gray hair are appearing daily and I think by Xmas I will probably resemble Uncle Albert. Till then I will hopefully be pouring line after line of music based drivel and useless information here on your favourite music blog and easiest waste of time at work since Windows Solitaire was invented.

April has some more reviews as well as a still pending interview with the esoteric lyrical tune smith Van Dyke Parks, co-creator of one of the best albums of all time, the mighty SMiLE with head Beach Boy and musical genius Brian Wilson.

I will also be drowning my sorrows in the dark alleyways of New York come May and hopefully I will have some more 'interesting' life experiences to share with you all my social luminaries...

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