Friday, 3 June 2011



IC1s, Harrow based but clearly not a ‘Harrow band’, current and on the London scene but at the same time not a 2011 band at all. A North West London 5 piece interested only in the finer things in life and adamant to the ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ mentality which is both a blessing and a breath of fresh air to the ‘smash the formula’ bands of the moment as well as helping them form a strong fan base of like minded individuals that are either going to love the music straight away or dismiss it just as quickly with no middle ground to worry about. With a classic 5 piece line up of 2 guitars, bass, drums, vocals a new ‘experimental’ new sound or jazz odyssey free form track isn’t waiting in the wings, instead it’s a combination of power, hooks and a fair amount of blag thrown in for good measure. Reminiscent of the true manifesto of punk, the musical equivalent of holding a mirror up to the crowd and saying ‘we’re not just like you, we ARE you’ there is no gap between the two.

The influences are written through every chord and fill like a stick of indie Blackpool rock. Throughout gigs there aren’t going to be any surprises or obscure references to underground French garage bands thrown in, but for a band where ‘turn it up, count it off and floor it’ seems to be the mantra, it’s all about the right here and right now, they’re moving and going on ahead whether you follow or not. Whether it’s a gig at a Camden back room venue or playing to a few thousand people at an outdoor festival, IC1 take the stage like they’re filling the headlining slot at Live Aid and will make you feel it too. On more than one occasion I’ve seen the skinny trendy types in ‘ironic’ Pac-Man t-shirts with crossed arms watching from the back transported to the front of the stage by the 3rd song into the set, wide eyed a guilty pleasure? Or a wake up call?

Labels and industry folk may be quietly furrowing their brows about where IC1s are going to fit in the current music and marketing climate but in my opinion the only way to be a classic band is NOT to fit in with the current scene. You have to make your own scene or in the case of IC1s build on a scene that flourished previously in bands like The Stone Roses and Oasis and make it your own.

Currently earning their stripes and perfecting their musical chops on both the London circuit and up and coming festivals this summer (recently playing and triumphing at the Friends Of Mine Festival) the group is looking to cast it’s net far and wide, picking up fans wherever they arrive and with a non-compromising view of rock and roll that would make Liam Gallagher seem progressive. It shows the underlying strength of the band is connecting with the people that work a full time job and need a release on Saturday night. They aren’t about to become an Internet sensation or new flavour of the week down at the local student union. They are a band for people who struggle but still get up every morning to try and make their lives a little better…

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