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The Beatles VS Everyone else

Six degrees of Kevin Bacon is a game that originated in regards to the American actor Kevin Bacon. It would seem that he has been in so many films, even when he was not the main star or even supporting actor with so many stars or future stars in the making throughout his career so you can link him within 6 moves to pretty much everyone else in Hollywood (past and present.)

An example would be Humphrey Bogart, Hollywood legend that died January 14th 1957, in fact a full year before Kevin Bacon was even born (1958) Impossible?

1.Humphrey Bogart was in 'Casablanca' with Ingrid Bergman
2.Ingrid Bergman was in Notorious with Cary Grant
3.Cary Grant was in Charade with Walter Matthau
4.Walter Matthau was in 'JFK' with Kevin Bacon

or in fact

1. The Beatles
2. The Beatles starred in 'A Hard Days Night'
3. 'A Hard Days Night' features a young Phil Collins in one of his earliest roles in a crowd scene
4. Phil Collins also starred and voiced a character in the animated movie 'Balto'
5. 'Balto' also starred....Kevin Bacon

And that’s how it goes..

Now as this site is predominantly about Music and POP culture so lets take the top gods of Olympus, the head honchos, the Fab Four….THE BEATLES, can we link them to any other band or recording artist? In the immortal words of Art Attacks Neil Buchanon “try it yourselves”

Let’s start simple...

1.Elvis Presley
2.Covered ‘Hey Jude’, ‘Something’, Yesterday’
3.All written by The Beatles

Another easy one...

1.The Rolling Stones
2.The group's 2nd single and first top 20 hit ‘I Wanna be Your Man’
3.Written by The Beatles

A little bit harder...

1.Bob Marley
2.Wrote and recorded ‘I Shot the Sheriff’
3.‘I Shot the Sheriff’ was made an international #1 hit by its cover by Eric Clapton
4.Eric Clapton played lead guitar on ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ by The Beatles

Right…take it up a notch...

1.Tom Jones
2.Sung one of his biggest hits ‘What’s New Pussycat?” written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David
3.Bacharach/David also wrote ‘(They Long to be) Close To You’ sung and recorded by The Carpenters to have their first #1 hit
4.The Carpenters single before this was ‘Ticket to Ride’ written by The Beatles

Ok…you must be mentally making notes and joining it by now…otherwise I’m just a lunatic with too much useless information on clogging the grey matter.

A little more...

2.BLUR guitarist Graham Coxon played on Pete Doherty’s solo album ‘Grace/Wastelands’
3.Pete Doherty was the singer/guitarist in The Libertines
4.The Libertines covered ‘Eight Days a Week’ written by The Beatles

2.Adele had a massive hit with the track 'Make You Feel My Love'
3.'Make You Feel My Love' was written by Bob Dylan on his 'Time Out of Mind' album
4.Bob Dylan was a member of of the Travelling Wilburys with George Harrison
5.George Harrison was in The Beatles

ok lets get current...

2.TAKE THAT had a number 1 hit with 'Relight my Fire' feat. LULU
3. LULU was previously married to Maurice Gibb of The Bee Gees
4. The Bee Gees starred and performed in the motion picture SGT.PEPPERS LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND
5. SGT.PEPPERS LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND is based on the music and lyrics of The Beatles

A double hitter!

1.Arctic Monkeys
2.As part of Live Lounge Arctic Monkeys covered ‘Love Machine’
3.The song ‘Love Machine’ was originally performed by Girls Aloud
4.Girls Aloud released a cover of Aerosmith classic ‘Walk This Way’ as part of comic relief
5.Aerosmith acted and performed ‘Come Together’ written by The Beatles
6.This song was performed by Aerosmith in the motion picture ‘Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band’ based on the album written by The Beatles

Right…no more games…up 2 notches

2.Recorded his hit ’99 Problems’ with Producer Rick Rubin
3.Rick Rubin produced ‘Wildflowers’ by Tom Petty
4.Tom Petty was part of the Travelling Wilburys with George Harrison
5.George Harrison was in The Beatles

Another fiver?

1.The Velvet Underground
2.Included Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Lou Reed
3.Lou Reed hit album ‘Transformer’ was produced by David Bowie
4.David Bowie covered ‘Across the Universe’ on ‘Young Americans’ album
5.‘Across the Universe’ written by The Beatles

The first proper 6!...

1.The Flaming Lips
2.Recorded their song 'Flight Test' on their album ‘Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots’
3.The same song was brought to the attention of the courts when it was noted the similarity between it and the Cat Stevens (now Yusef Islam) track ‘Father and Son’
4.Other songs by Cat Steven’s included his composition ‘The First Cut is the Deepest’
5.This very track was covered and made a hit by P.P.Arnold
6.P.P Arnold had another hit with a cover of ‘Eleanor Rigby’ by The Beatles

Another double hitter!

1.Miles Davis (Jazz pioneer and legend)
2.Covered the Michael Jackson song ‘Human Nature’
3.Michael Jackson covered ‘Come Together’ written by The Beatles
4.Michael Jackson owned 50% of Northern Songs publishing who collect the song writing royalties of The Beatles!

A six

1.Al Jolson pop singer active between (1911-1950)
2.Al Jolson had one of his biggest hits with ‘You Made Me Love You’
3.This same song was later covered by Blues singer Screamin’ Jay Hawkins in 1958
4.Screaming’ Jay Hawkins is most remembered for his hit ‘I Put a Spell on You’
5.The same song was later covered by Nina Simone in 1965
6.Nina Simone covered ‘Here Comes the Sun’ written by The Beatles


2.Prince played guitar on Stevie Wonder's track "What The Fuss?"
3.Stevie Wonder had a hit with 'We Can Work it Out' written by The Beatles

oh dear...

1.Vanilla Ice
2.Career defining song with mildly annoying ‘Ice,Ice,Baby’
3.‘Ice,Ice,Baby’ sampled it’s hook from Queen’s ‘Under Pressure’
4.Queen’s line up included guitarist Brian May
5.Brian May covered the Larry Williams song ‘Slow Down’ on his ‘Another World’ album.
6.The very same song was covered in 1964 by……The Beatles

Some others...

1.Led Zeppelin
2.Led Zeppelin’s line up included Bass player John Paul Jones
3.John Paul Jones played bass on the song ‘Hurdy Gurdy Man’ by 60’s hippy singer/songwriter Donovan
4.Donovan contributed lyrics and background vocals on ‘Yellow Submarine’ by The Beatles


2.FREE’s line up included Guitarist Paul Kossoff
3.Paul Kossoff’s solo album ‘Back Street Crawler’ featured on Drums Alan White
4.Drummer Alan White went on to join Progressive Rock band YES
5.YES covered on their debut album the track ‘Every Little Thing’ written by The Beatles

Surely not?

1.MC Hammer
2.MC Hammer had his biggest hit with the track ‘You Can’t Touch This’
3.‘You Can’t Touch This’ used the song ‘Super Freak’ by Rick James (Biiiitch) as it’s main hook/sample
4.Rick James had a follow up hit with the track ‘Standing on the Top (part 1) featuring The Temptations
5.The Temptations covered ‘Hey Jude’ written by The Beatles

Bigger than Rod??

1.The Faces
2.The Faces line up included singer and front man Rod Stewart
3.After going solo on his album ‘Smiler’ Rod Stewart covers the Paul McCartney song ‘Mine For Me’
4.Paul McCartney was in The Beatles

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