Friday, 14 September 2012

Standing in the doorway...

Standing in the Doorway - Bob Dylan

For an artist such as Bob Dylan there are many songs that one could choose as a personal favourite although I have selected this one from 1997's 'Time out of Mind'.

The track is 'Standing in the Doorway' and it is one that always manages to raise my mood and help me take stock of things like my very own audio tonic. Like all great Dylan songs the lyrics are paramount and this is no exception, it has a slow dreamlike quality to the production and with lines such as "last night I danced with a stranger, but she just reminded me that you were the one" are aimed squarely at hopeless romantics among us and when followed by couplets such as "I would be crazy if I took you back, It would go up against every rule" tell the listener that just like them Dylan speaks of times where even when you know full well what the outcome will be within a relationship your heart will overtake your head ever time, and for those who know that the ghost of the 'one that got away' will always haunt you if you let it.

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