Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Albums of 2012

Albums of 2012

01.Boys and Girls - Alabama Shakes
Not only the discovery of the year for me personally but easily the album of the year also. Songwriting, performance, soul all combined with an honest love for the music that influenced them. Live they are a revelation that keep the crowd with both eyes on them all the way. Incredible vocals from Brittany Howard throughout.

02.Blunderbuss - Jack White
Is he ever gonna slip up? Jack White's Midas touch and ability to bring the best out of each band/artist he works with hasn't been lost when editing and producing himself. A great album from the opener 'Missing Pieces' to the cover of Little Willie John's 'I'm Shakin'.

03.TempestBob Dylan
For the doubters out there that think Dylan has lost a few steps and isn't the artist of days gone by just give his mammoth 14 minute track to the sinking of the Titanic 'Tempest' a listen and see that the winding, hallucinatory, stream of conscious lyrical ability may sometimes lay dormant but is still burning low none the less. The album also includes stone cold classics as 'Scarlet Town', 'Early Roman Kings' and the beautiful 'Soon After Midnight'.

04.Signs And Signifiers - J.D McPherson
There is a difference between being 'retro' and simply playing your influences genuinely and heartfelt, J.D McPherson is the latter. Not only does he caputure the essence and soul of the 1950's records he clearly loves but he also writes great songs as well, an area some artists have missed out when they've tried to capture an older classic sound. A great album full of great tracks including the Little Richard screamer 'North Side Gal'.

05.Aufheben - Brian Jonestown Massacre
A truly sonically impressive collection of songs from everyone's favourite rock and roll psychedelic maverick Anton Newcombe.

06.Old IdeasLeonard Cohen
2012 seemed to be the year for members of the 'old guard' to show the new guys how it should be done and with Leonard Conhen, Neil Young and Bob Dylan all producing great work that sits comfortably in their own canons of releases it's no surprise that compared to a lot of new music it proves that inspiration and imagination to re-create the form isn't only for the young but also for the 'should know better' as well.

07.Psychedelic PillNeil Young & Crazy Horse
A Psycheldic feedback drenched opus from a guy that has quit all drink and drugs? Only Neil Young does this stuff and thank God that is the case. His guitar playing hasn't progressed and still sounds like a cranky teenager who's un-refining his solo's as he gets old as to get closer to the source inside him that fires it. She's Always Dancing is a particular standout with Crazy Horse at their loose best.


09.Locked DownDr John
The good doctor returning to his 'Gris-Gris' New Orleans or 'Newarrrlinnes' R&B "Fonky" sound with the help of Black Keys guitarist and frontman Dan Auerbach. Not for everyone but the stongest thing Dr.John has produced in a long while and when the medicine is available you take it.

10.Sweet SourBand of Skulls

Tracks of 2012

01.R U Mine?Arctic Monkeys

02.DefaultDjango Django

03.I'm Shakin'Jack White

04.You Ain’t Alone - Alabama Shakes

05.HonkyThe Ho-Dads (1963) *old record but it’s new to me and it’s my list so shut up*

06.I Can’t ComplainJ D McPherson

07.Soon After MidnightBob Dylan

08.Now There Is NothingHot Chip

09.Doom & GloomThe Rolling Stones

10.Corner of an English Field - Tribes

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