Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Martyr - The Vex

‘Martyr’ The Vex

As we all know music like all art is purely subjective when it comes to what’s good and what’s crap. In some cases though there are bands where no discussion is required, no pub debating about set lists and envelope pushing barrier breaking, instead a simple nod of appreciation among the crowd that confirms that everyone is feeling the same thing, pure elation and good ol’ fashioned luck of the draw that they’ve been at the right place and the right time when the new wave finally broke.

This is the feeling I get when I watch The Vex play, the outright passion in their playing is above anything as petty as showing off and far above aimless strumming while posing for another pointless MySpace photo (I know! Who the hell even uses MySpace any more?) It’s all about the ‘moment’ and if you blink you’ll miss it. You’re either with them 100% or you simply don’t get it and if you are in the team of the latter then you never will. Influences are interwoven throughout their songs although nothing ever falls to the side of pastiche or copycat. Not since The Libertines early days has a group planted their flag so deep into the ground and proclaimed their arrival on the London scene.

Their debut single ‘Martyr’ released on the 1st March is quick, sharp and with fewer wasted notes than a Ramones guitar lesson and clocking in at a fat trimming 1 min 59 it’s a track that hasn’t got time to waste itself on extended outros or face melting guitar solos, this is a sonic hit and run!

Inspired by the recent Pussy Riot court case in Russia The Vex are carrying the torch and tradition of groups such as The Clash without resorting to the empty sixth form political posturing of their later days, instead they are providing a soundtrack to the day-to-day news stories without trying to “bring down the government man!”, instead they’ll just provide the soundtrack while it falls all by itself. Get it.


March 1st The Vex single launch at The Barfly, Camden Town.

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