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Would you say that in The Netherlands that there was an underground Psychedelic scene emerging or are you very much an outsider?

Jacco Gardner = There are some friends of mine that are doing a similar thing but thats it really, there is no scene going on at all.

I've read that you play the majority of instruments on the album. Would you consider using outside musicians or is the creative process when making an album too personal to involve outside players?

J.G = Well yes, except the drums I do. In the creative process it's the most natural way of working where I don't have to say anything to anyone just pick up the next instrument and just play. It's the same with the recording and producing, it has to be me in every step of the process to get exactly the sound I want.

What instrument do you write on? Guitar, piano perhaps?

J.G = Both, there is no main instrument that I write on.

Who or what influences your writing and the album ' Cabinet of Curiosities'?

J.G = The songwriting? There are a lot of influences, I mean I could name a lot of different people that I like and listen to but for songwriting?
I don't know really, thats a tough question.

Are you at all worried that some critics may simply write you off as a retro or nostalgia act rather than a new artist with something fresh to say musically?

J.G = Not really, to me when they say these things it's a sign that they don't get it and they don't know what it's really about and almost miss the unique things that to me are special in music.

Are you influenced by The Brian Jonestown Massacre or other newer bands that keep the spirit of 60's music and culture current?

J.G = No, not at all. While I was recording I really didn't listen to anything new, only 1960's records really.

You've been vocally compared to Syd Barrett, how do you feel about that?

J.G = You think? I dunno, in singing I try and match people like Brian Wilson, and Arthur Lee with high pitched melodic type of singing, not really Syd Barrett.

How do you compare UK audiences to those abroad?

J.G = In The Netherlands you connect to the audience because you're Dutch and over here you need to prove yourself a little more I think. In Europe most audiences are more wild and fascinated about music where thats not always the case here or in Holland.

What's next in 2013 for you?

J.G = We'll be doing a festival in Belgium, then Luxembourg before doing a big show in 'Paradiso' in Amsterdam. A lot more touring and I'm sure we'll be back in the UK as well.

'Cabinet of Curiosities' is out now on Excelsior Recordings/Trouble In Mind

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