Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Oasis NEWS 26/02/14

The teasing headline was sent to the Official OASIS Facebook page yesterday but what could it be? Shaggy haired 90's aficionados screamed "reunion" while others more in-tune with the marketing aspect of the 20th Anniversary of the group’s debut album 'Definitely Maybe' pointed their fingers at a reissue or re-master.

It seems the latter was the correct bet.

The 1994 classic debut 'Definitely Maybe' will be reissued on May 19th and will include rare and unreleased recordings (if such a thing exists in the 2014 YouTube world). The reissue is the first in the new 'CHASING THE SUN' series that the groups label Big Brother Records will be issuing along with the follow up 'What's the Story (Morning Glory)?' and 'Be Here Now'.

Along with the standard CD reissue there will also be a digital download version as well as a special 3 disc special edition that includes rare recordings and demos, a 12" vinyl LP featuring the bonus CD content as a free download and fingally a 'DELUXE' box set which will feature the LP AND CD.

Oasis will also re-release the single 'SUPERSONIC' on 12" Vinyl 45 to coincide with RECORD STORE DAY 2014 (APRIL 19TH)

The bonus tracks will include:


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