Thursday, 25 September 2014

Back from the egg...

Good afternoon my children!

Yes I have returned once again from the abyss of time and space and back onto your phones, screen and board psyches that crave a pointless and random point of view regarding everything from the correct way to part your hair to which Beach Boys albums to listen to this month.

I can see the last message of hope I last had to offer was back in March with the latest Arctic Monkey's video. A lot has happened since that day with deaths appearing a few times too often for my liking, weddings and employment hunting coming and going like a fart in a hurricane.

So what is left to discuss? Well music will always be there of course but I can't remember the last time I was knocked out by a new single or album by anyone that wasn't sending me it free of charge with a freebie shaped carrot being hoisted in front of me to encourage a favourable review.

My latest interest has been the more grown up pursuit of mens style. No I don't mean the latest colour or shade of socks available from Paris but in fact 'style' itself. Who has it? Who definitely doesn't? In fact those who don't wouldn't even get a mention as there is frankly far too many of them to even consider listing them from A-Z.

It's time to move on from simply pointing a knowing finger at sub par indie bands and saying "well you're shit aren't you my little darlings?" They know they are before they even leave the rehearsal studios, it's just something to do on their gap year at university before finishing with a degree in psychology then going to work at their fathers law firm. They don't harm anyone so why should I even bother recognising them? They are the kindly aunts of the music world so best off leaving them be and concentrate on the more rewarding things in life.

I will continue to post here with any reviews I decide to conjure up from the cosmos thanks to the usual amount of alcohol streaking through my bloodstream like a dog chasing a rabbit through my veins but until then good people here is the link to my twitter page where updates are as regular as Kennedy funeral.

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