Thursday, 2 December 2010

2010 TRACKS...

December is officially here and all of the news stands and newsagents are full of various rags listing the "official" BEST OF the years music, Q magazine will be full of the Elton John's of the world, MOJO with Americana and London Roundhouse non commercial releases and NME either Arcade Fire or a myspace band that started yesterday and broke up before the record was released.

As part and parcel of me having and operating a blog is that occasionally I actually contribute to it I think it's only right and proper for me to include my list of what ditties have been clogging up my eardrums in the past 12 months, some will be new and some will probably (definitely) be older although personally I think it's all relative as the first time I hear a track or album then it's "new" in my opinion.

Here goes my tracks of the year (who buys whole albums any more right?) that's who...but that's beside the point...*deep breath*

01) READY TO START - ARCADE FIRE (best track from their 2010 album "The Suburbs")
02) YOU KNOW THAT I'M NO GOOD - WANDA JACKSON (this Amy Winehouse cover produced by Jack White for Third Man records does the impossible and makes Winehouse's version sound like the cover!)
03) PICK YOUR BATTLES - ELI 'PAPERBOY' REED (Still one of my favourite artist's around at the moment, amazing live and even better on record. Bringing real R&B and soul back to the masses)
04) PYRO - KINGS OF LEON (from their latest album, and not hidden under a layar of stadium ooohs and aaaahs)
05) TELEPHONE - LADY GAGA (Just for the "wha-wha-what did you say" bit alone)
06) LOVE WON'T BE LEAVING - ANNA CALVI (youtube and myspace this badboy...sorry girl)
07) FUCK YOU - CEE LO GREEN (How could I not mention this? A great,great pop song with motown a'la Four Tops hook and vocals)
08) BETTER THINGS - SHARON JONES & THE DAP KINGS (from the attention the Dap Kings got being the backing band for Amy Winehouse during the "Back To Black" sessions they are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Sharon Jones can wail, moan, and seduce you with her voice..all in the same song usually)
09) RAINBOWS IN GASOLINE - THE GHOST OF A SABER TOOTH TIGER (This is the new band from Sean Lennon and his girlfriend and muse/model Charlotte Kemp Muhl, acoustic whimsy with strong melodies)
10) INHALER - MILES KANE (While we wait for the upcoming The Last Shadown Puppets second album in 2011 we have this single from the soon to be released solo album to tide us over, expect great things, loads of 60s hooks and winks without being cheesy and obvious...wonderful)

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