Monday, 6 December 2010

Next up pop pickers!

Saturday 11Th December. Its penciled in my diary now so it must be real. Or in other words I've accepted the "event request" on Facebook so it must be real. I am Djing as part of a night of music for one of my old mates who served and did his bit for fun and laughter and rock and roll before exiting the film far too early. Now I'm at a loose end when it comes to track selection. After all this shouldn't be a somber affair as the last thing any one wants on a Saturday night is another wake or run through of the funeral, it needs to be upbeat and loud. But balancing sentiment while still remembering the occasion involved seems to be the worry I'm facing. It's not a greatest hits or perfect play list, hopefully rather a revival of a party heavy night that reminds us that were there the first time around what it used to be like while at the same time giving a night to those that missed it a taste of what came before. New tracks that were made after his passing will be scattered within dyed in the wool classics and I will be uttering the opinion that anyone raising eye brows or flicking NME play lists wondering if mid 90s tracks are being played "ironically" or not will be escorted to the back room for a brief but firm kicking.

Here are a couple of choices that will definitely be getting a play.

1) Head To Toe - Kings of Leon
2) Fade Away - Oasis
3) Made Of Stone - The Stone Roses
4) This Is Music - The Verve
5) Club Foot - Kasabian
6) Stay Young - Oasis
7) Local Boy In A Photograph - Stereophonics (I know! Its amazing that they were once amazing)

All requests will be taken with the contempt they deserve.*

*requests basically mean "i don't like what your playing, play THIS"....

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