Monday, 21 November 2011

awkward silence...

The hardest thing a writer has to face is the fact that there isn’t always something interesting to write about. You can always just churn pieces out ten at a time without breaking a sweat but after the first few pages you start to feel your own eyes glazing over in boredom, which strongly signals that if the writer responsible for the words that are appearing on the page are not even worthy to be read as they fall into creation then what are the chances that the poor soul unlucky enough to have stumbled on the article would possibly react any different?

I am currently in the middle ground, the writer’s purgatory just after questions have been submitted for interviews but also before deadlines are due, so work cannot be presented to the readership immediately. For the more keen eyed readers of my blog will see there have been some clues to future interviews and pieces scattered through previous write ups with only some actually coming into fruition fully (bleedin’ pre- Madonna rock stars and their wily ways) At this moment I currently have 1 write up awaiting a response and as the person is volatile (i.e. tantrum prone) to say the least I will leave it a few days before battering on his cyber door demanding some answers to my probing and probably rehashed questions that were presented.

Upcoming in the next month I also have the job of attending the Artrocker Awards to interview some of the winners, losers and those simply on a freebie locking for a few free drinks and free publicity. I will of course quote warmly and accurately.

In the mean time here are some spotify gems to help warm the cockles of your soul on this cold winters afternoon.

Her Eyes Are a Blue Million MilesCaptain Beefheart
Dinah (take 2)Thelonious Monk
Five YearsDavid Bowie
Soul SurvivorThe Rolling Stones
I Second That EmotionSmokey Robinson & the Miracles
Tell Me Something I Don’t KnowHerman Dune

p.s. I also have my BEST ALBUMS of 2011 going up DECEMBER 1ST.

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