Tuesday, 22 November 2011


As with all BEST OF ALBUMS list you can be sure once the page has been turned and the advert from HMV SUPER SALE has been ignored there will then be the BEST TRACKS of 2011 LIST...do they ever let you move and make your own minds up? Of course not...no log into Spotify and find these slices of gold from the year formally known as twenty eleven...

On The Rebound - Dave Cloud & The Gospel of Power

I'll Let You Be My Baby - Agent Ribbons

The Stars Came Out Once The Lights Went Out - The Veils
A great track from a very average so-so EP by The Veils, a disgrace that this wasn't a massive hit.

re sledging - Screaming Maldini
Just for the out and out punk rock of putting a classical string arranged piece slap in the middle of an album full of indie rock. Pure beauty and criminally short.

Love - Rodeo Massacre
Woodstock nation, rise up...Rodeo Massacre seem like a group that were beamed from 1968 and literally have no interest in anything post Altamont. Grace Slick vocals over classic rock turned up to ten.

Whirring - The Joy Formidable

Shark Ridden Waters - Gruff Rhys

The Hellcat Spangled Sha-la-la-la - Arctic Monkeys
A great album and live track from the group. The sort of song Alex Turner casually knocks off in 20 minutes but that a group such as Viva Brother would spend their career trying to accomplish (and failing).

Suzanne And I - Anna Calvi

Piledriver Waltz - Alex Turner
I'm going to actually forbid myself from discussing 'Submarine' and it's soundtrack tracks, if you haven't got it by now then you never will...Like trying to explain 'The White Album' to a goldfish.

2012 is almost here...prepare thyself for flying cars, entire meals in pill form, teleportation and another handful of obituaries of great artist overlooked until the 2013 release of their posthumous anthologies...

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