Monday, 23 January 2012

You are what you eat...

As we approach the end of month 1 2012 I must note that my new diet/new health regime has managed to stay on course throughout and its fruits are beginning to flower. The alcohol is still here and unless my liver finally packs in I doubt it would be something I would abstain from after all in a world of many, many vices a nice glass of whiskey/brandy and a cold coke isn’t too much to ask.

I am boosting my intact of raw and whole foods such as Goji berries though which although look like strange animal food actually have a intriguing enough appearance to shovel a palm full in my ever chewing jaw for my lunch times to break the banality of late. The introduction into choosing certain foods were brought to my attention from an interview I read with Vincent Gallo. Probably one of the few people I would actually like to interview/chat with even if it was declined and ignored immediately after. Gallo is one of the true renaissance men out there. What does he do? Well where do you wanna start buddy? He’s a film make first and foremost, writer, director, star of ‘Buffalo ‘66’ and the infamous ‘The Brown Bunny’ but he is also a painter, male model, multi-talented musician, and architect. Basically if you need someone to strip build your stereo system from scratch, paint a picture of it then write, direct and star in a movie about the whole process while recording and performing the soundtrack he’s your guy.

So while I digest the Goji, fruit, granola and chicken ballet I wonder has everyone out there seen ‘Buffalo ‘66’ and if not, then why not? With the world of limitless possibility and choice available to your pudgy overfed fingers what reason could you have to download the last 2 million episodes of 'Lost' and not sit down watch a true masterpiece?


Right here are some tunes to help the day go by and aide digestion.

Green RiverCreedence Clearwater Revival
Big BirdEddie Floyd
Vega-TablesThe Beach Boys
Hot Burrito #1The Flying Burrito Brothers
The Onion SongMarvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

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