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Johnny Delaney & The Pin Balls Interview...

In 2010 there was a rumble in the alternative indie underground, a band so good that it seemed that record companies were lining up and in some cases were literally seen to be fighting each other to sign the band while stuffing wraps of pharmaceutical cocaine in each band members skinny jeaned pockets in a vain attempt to sign them and keep them loyal. That band was (and is now once again) the infamous Johnny Delaney and The Pin Balls, there debut gig at the original Flowerpot Kentish Town (no longer there I’m afraid dear reader) was the scene for one of the biggest cultural uprisings this side of the Sex Pistols playing the Lesser free trade hall in Manchester in June of 1976. The band that Toe-Rag Records owner Tommy Domino called “easily the best band I’ve seen in 40 years” played only a handful of gigs as well as some excellent support slots for both the Dirty Pretty Things and 12 Dirty Bullets before in band fighting caused line up changes and the debut record to be re-recorded a fabled 14 times in 2 weeks!

Upon it’s release the debut album ‘No tilting till Brixton' was savaged by the music press getting the lowest score (-1 out of 10) on the week of it's release, although it mysteriously managed to climb to number 2 in the end of year charts for best newcomer which shows either that the band are the dictionary definition of the word ‘grower’ or that the music press is as fickle as the reality TV pop contests they seem to despise so much on a regular basis.

After there awful semi dissolution live on stage at the End of the Road festival last year the rumour mills are going into overdrive with the news that there is a reformation on the cards and that there has been recording happening throughout December and January of 2011-2012. I caught up with bassist Stevie Brazen and Lead Vocalist and incendiary front man Johnny Delaney (John Danes to his mum.)

Q) After the build up before the debut was released and the online fans approaching the thousands added daily on your MySpace page do you think you managed to capitalise fully on the momentum and wave of success you were due?

A) (JD) Not really no, I mean we really thought that it was going to snowball into a fully formed forest fire but it seemed that... (SB) maybe the industry wasn’t ready for us at the time. (JD) Exactly!

Q) There are many stories in regards to the recording sessions for the debut, is it true that there are 13 other versions of the debut online?

A) (JD)(Laughs) Well I don’t know about that. (SB)I definitely counted twenty two myself as I was in charge of saving the files on pro-tools but we did go through various phases and sounds as we experimented with the sounds and feel of each track.

Q) Are there any influences that you’ve been listening to that have maybe encouraged you to reform and re-light the fires within you as a band?

A) (JD)We’ve all been listening to a lot of free-form jazz in the rehearsal room lately, a lot of Roland Kirk and Captain Beefheart. (SB)To be honest I’m not sure that we really understand or even like it but that is the direction I feel we are being pulled.

Q) Your image is one that got mentioned a lot on the early days with the kilts and retro roller skates being worn over the standard skinny jeans and odd socks; do you think there will be any more fashion traits the band will be throwing out this time?

A) (SB)Braces. (JD)Well belts AND braces really, like as a combo. We are a lot more cautious this time around musically and I think this look shows this physically as well.

Q) I know that the new material is being kept under wraps at the moment but I did managed to hear a new track called “Jesus Lied” on YouTube (this has now been taken down as of 08/04/12) can you confirm that this is genuine and will be on the new album?

A) (SB)We’d really rather not discuss that, lets just say there are many new influences in the band and that celebrating them in music is something we’ve decided to do. Although not always for the better. (JD)You'll just have to wait and see whats on the rebound!

Ta very much.

Johnny Delaney and The Pin Balls will be announcing shows for their U.K
Tour on the 25 APRIL at 4am on their website…

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