Monday, 2 April 2012

That reminds me of the time...part 2

Before Keith Moon the drummer in a rock and roll band was the guy who sat at the back and kept the tempo steady for the other musicians to play their respective parts and take the applause for their dexterity and soloing ability. They were the human metronome. Keith Moon always thought the drums were the most important thing in a group and should be sat front and centre while the lead singer sat at the back of the stage.

Outside the arena of drumming and all things percussive things were never simple when it came down to anything involving Keith Moon and today’s little tale/fable comes from a time commonly known as the 18 month ‘Lost Weekend’ with John Lennon. A time when Lennon, Harry Nilsson, Alice Cooper, Ringo Starr, Jesse Ed Davis and Moon himself would take on LA’s latest drinking establishments and leave them in a state only fitting to a man called ‘Moon the Loon’ by his closest friends.

After a particularly long night on the town Nilsson finally retired to his bedroom only to be awoken by a tapping on his window. Slightly worried due to the fact that his hotel room was approaching the 15th Floor and concerned that he was about to be faced with the sight of a stranded window cleaner or less than discrete cat burglar he approached the noise with caution. After pulling back the curtains he saw the cause of the repetitive tapping. There balanced on a tiny window ledge was Keith Moon clutching the railings of the side of the balcony above while outstretch with the other he protectively grasped a bottle of Brandy for a quick “night cap”. After opening the window and helping him in Nilsson screamed at Moon what the hell was wrong with using the door and stair case?

“It was that bloody Raquel Welch, she wouldn’t leave me alone…” he replied smiling.

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