Wednesday, 28 March 2012

That reminds me of the time...

That reminds me of the time…

Rock and roll has had many heroes, villains and court jesters during its relatively short history and nobody fits the bill more than The Who’s drummer and all round hell raiser Keith Moon. Today’s tale is from the memory of another rock icon, Bill Wyman (ex-Rolling Stones bassist) who late one night after a few drinks on the tiles with Moon decided to crash the night at his flat, only to be woken soon after due to the noise of Keith and his wife rowing and arguing furiously about his now nightly behaviour. Not wanting to get involved in the middle of a domestic argument between a husband and his wife he turned over and drifted back off to sleep. In the morning while making breakfast Wyman saw Mrs Moon in the kitchen nursing what looked like some very recent scratch marks all over her usually pretty made up face. Perhaps out of guilt for not stepping in and calming the argument down the night previous or just out of friendship he asked what had happened. He had to keep a straight face and excuse himself as she explained that during the row Keith had stormed out of the flat... but not before launching the sleeping pet cat at her from across the room!!!

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  1. I bet Moon could be timecapsuled as the consummate rock N roller, would love to be a fly on the wall at one of his nights out with his fellow rockers and comrades.