Friday, 2 March 2012

'R U Mine?' - review

Since the introduction of downloads in the online music world there has been a split between the music makers and minstrels, on the one side you had the old guard that fought against the turning tide and tried in vain to stop their music being available at the click of a mouse. On the other side you had bands that realised that it was just the format that had changed rather than the end result and that fighting a battle they were destined to lose was a pointless task and instead embracing the new wave opened their music up to millions of people that may never have initially have heard of them.

Arctic Monkeys have released a new single ‘R U Mine?’ (Domino records) and no this isn’t a pre-lead up to a new album or anything they’ve done it well…simply because they want to. It’s an old ideal that bands released singles that weren’t always included on albums, in some cases singles and albums were separate entities all together and I think this is a lost trend that was great value for the fans back in the day and also stopped you forgetting about bands while they took a year off to record a new album or have a break from the so called ‘pressures’ of being a rock and roll star.

In 1970 John Lennon had the idea of writing a song, recording it the same day, mixing and pressing it the day after then putting it out in the shops the same week, the song was ‘Instant Karma’ and although this was the premise 42 years ago now in 2012 a band like Arctic Monkeys can record, mix and with a few deft keystrokes send the file world wide the same hour to the fans if they so desired. We the fans are the lucky ones and this is a truly great song for us to devour until the tour starts. The track itself is a definite evolution for the bands sound and one that proves that time away in America has refuelled their creative juices ten fold, they sound like a band having fun and riding the crest of their current creative wave and preparing the world for their own great leap forward and next musical phase. POW!

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