Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Story Books - single review

Ladies and gentlemen the record I present to you today is 'All Those Arrows' and it's b/side 'Glory & Growth' ( also about to be released as a 7" single itself) by new young upstarts Story Books. The single itself although the most commercial out of the 2 tracks I present before you doesn't really tick all the boxes for me and while it's pleasant enough to listen to (even on repeat listens) it doesn't manage to get into 3rd gear as a great song.

While starting promisingly enough and with some cleaver turns of phrase within the lyrics the whole thing seems too small for a band with this many members and guitar players going all out. It seems that the band played there hearts out in the studio only for some commercially minded producer to mix the life out of it due to some misdirected judgement about keeping it radio friendly. It's too soon to judge the whole package as I'm sure their live show is a different kettle of indie fish and hopefully the album will let the band play with more sonic colours and shades.

The single is bookended with B/Side 'Glory & Growth' is a more restrained track and although with more folk licks it still keeps it's moody feel with the low notes anchoring the melody. Again just as the A-side just when you think it's going to kick in it simply fizzes out. There are great sounds captured within and if they were capitalised fully and truly realised the benefit would be ten fold. Must try harder.


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