Wednesday, 9 October 2013

I'll give you a months notice...

In light of the recent news that Daniel Maiden-Wood (drums,bass & backing vocals) for Anna Calvi has decided to leave the group on the eve of Calvi’s 2nd album ‘One Breath’ being released, my thoughts have turned to other musicians who have decided to leave groups on the verge of international stardom and instead deciding to work on ‘other projects’ or revert back to playing with unknown musicians in Camden pubs for a fiver each. The limelight and 24/7 stardom isn’t for everyone but achieving your dreams and ambitions only to walk away when it’s in touching distance is another all together. Good luck on your journey young lion you played a blinder!

Here are some others.

Mick Taylor

Mick Taylor replaced the soon to be deceased guitarist Brian Jones in The Rolling Stones in 1969 and was there during the height of their fame and album successes playing and contributing greatly on albums such as ‘Let It Bleed’, ‘Sticky Fingers’, ‘Exile on Main St.’, ‘Goats Head Soup’ and finally ‘It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll’ before deciding to pack up his Les Paul and walk out without a real explanation to the rest of the group (to be replaced by Ronnie Wood). It has been questioned since that he wasn’t given proper (if any) writing credits on some of the groups tracks and that this was the main reason to him leaving while he has mentioned since that during this period for the group drugs were far too much a problem and temptation for him and the only way he felt he could survive and not lose his family and everything he’d worked hard for since his teens in the process would be to cut all ties and move away all together.

Taylor re-joined the group on their 2013 tour and their Glastonbury headline set.

Noel Redding

It was no secret that when Noel Redding auditioned for the newly forming Jimi Hendrix Experience he thought he was trying out for the guitar spot within the band as he proclaimed he was “the best guitarist in Kent!”. Anyone who has heard the group or the guitar playing of Jimi Hendrix will know this was a failed dream before he had even plugged in as it would be comparable to turning up with your football boots on and asking to replace Cristiano Ronaldo as a striker because you “always scored at school at lunchtime 5-a-side”. Redding was given the roll of bassist in the group and the anger and resentment seemed to grow as the group succeeded further and further and the spotlight was aimed directly at Hendrix. Redding finally left the group in 1969 after forming his own group Fat Mattress (with very little success) and was replaced by Billy Cox.

Noel Redding died in 2003

Paul ‘Bonehead’ Arthurs AND Paul ‘Guigsy’ McGuigan

“Who leaves a group like Oasis when they don’t have to?” These were the words leader and Chief Noel Gallagher spoke after tendering the resignations from guitarist and bassist. Both had been with the group from the very start and had performed worldwide and recorded on some of the biggest selling British albums of all time including 'Definitely Maybe','Whats the Story? (Morning Glory)' and 'Be Here Now'. But it wasn’t enough it seems. Talk of flying inflated egos, drink and drug abuse within the group and just overall tiredness from the grind of being in the biggest group of their generation took it’s toll and both decided enough was enough and packed up and left in 1999 before the bands 4th album ‘Standing on The Shoulder of Giants’ was released. The albums subsequently were successful and critically well received although the heart of the group seemed to flicker and the group finally broke up after numerous drummer changes in 2009. For some the band was at it’s best when the line up looked just like the audience they played to. By the time the group folded their no longer looked like Manchester lads living their teenage dreams but a fully fledged Rock N Roll machine with matching stylised haircuts and mod clothing lines. The first 3 albums they looked like the chancers they were and the fans loved them all the better for it.

Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton started his professional career as the moody guitarist for the blues band The Yardbirds in 1963 and his ‘legend’ of the fastest gun in town was created during this period. Un satisfied with the musical direction the group was heading in with their more pop orientated material such as the hit single ‘For Your Love’ Clapton left the group to join John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers in 1965 (he was replaced by Jeff Beck).

After the success of the Bluesbreakers ‘Beano’ album on which he played he left once again in 1966 to create Cream with bassist Jack Bruce and Drummer Ginger Baker. He later broke the group up in 1968 to create Blind Faith who lasted a single album before folding in 1969. He finally went solo. Eric Clapton the Kevin Keegan of musicians, great guitarist with one foot out the door at all times.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

The grandaddy of line ups and members jumping ship. Currently the only surviving member from the start is founder, songwriter, producer, lead vocalist and guitarist Anton Newcombe. There have been over 30 other members to come and go since the group was formed in the early 1990's.

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