Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Good morrow my fellow fans of music past, once again I'm at that time of the month where I'm lining up new interviews and interviewee's as well as completing new album and EP reviews.

Although at this very moment today I don't actually have anything ready to paste and show online which is annoying and kind of leaving me in blogging limbo neither one way or the other.

As a fan of blogging and indeed the random blog I will show I'm still alive and interested in spilling my thoughts and opinions here on the Internet by giving you all some poptastic food for thought.

'Do I listen to pop music because I'm depressed, or am I depressed because I listen to pop music?' - Rob ;High Fidelity

Songs to cheer you up for the delay courtesy of spotify and youtube for those of you stuck at work.

'No Reply' - The Beatles
'Wash The Rain' - The Bees
'Jump Into The Fire' - Harry Nilsson
'New Orleans' - Gary U.S Bonds
'Scissor Runner' - Jenny And Johnny
'Love' - Rodeo Massacre
'Jump In The Line (Shake,Senora)' - Harry Belafonte

lather,rinse, repeat if necessary....

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