Tuesday, 1 February 2011

RADIOHEAD vs Nikki Grahame

As a new part of my daily rantings and blogging chat I have decided to start a new section where I will be speaking to bands/artist's/celebs/anyone else I can corner in the loo.. and asking them about their favourite bands, current songs, albums that influence them and general stuff regarding work by other artist's other than themselves.

First of the starting line is the lovely Nikki Grahame of Big Brother fame who apart from taking the time to write her own book has also planted her flag in the camp that is Radiohead. Her favourite band! So without further a do here is her top 5 (well 6) but you can't have everything....and yes NO CREEP!

Planet Telex The opening track from their 1995 album 'The Bends' first released as a double A-side with 'High and Dry'.

The Bends - The title track from the same album and still a live favourite.

Paranoid Android From the seminal 1997 album 'O.k Computer'. Wicked video as well, watch out for Kurt Cobain in his helicopter.

Reckoner From the great,great album of 2007 'In Rainbows', a song that was kicking around in 2005 in skeletal form but not finished till the session for this album.

Airbag Track 1 from 'O.k Computer' fuzzy, the direction of things to come.

Jigsaw Falling Into Place From the 'In Rainbows' album, the first track released as a 'pay whatever you like' scheme the band ran from their website, considering the video for the track was filmed with cycling helmets with mounted cams on top of them I would say the majority of people went with 0.05p..

*songs selected by Nikki
mugging off by Chris

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