Thursday, 10 February 2011

Under Cover Of Night - The Strokes - SINGLE REVIEW

As soon as the intro starts for ‘Under Cover Of Darkness’ there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that this track could be any other band in the world but The Strokes. With its format of blended guitars and bouncy drum backbeat that are all trademarks of the band (and one I hope they continue to keep) to its well used overdriven vocals and stinging guitar melody, the song I predict is going to be a definite live favourite this summer as the band takes to the festival and touring circuit. The song itself is no simple pastry cutter copy of days gone by, in fact it brings some new sonic tones and textures to the table (with the guitars especially).

The Strokes are a band that are always looking to push the guitar from its ordinary role and confinement preferring to instead serve the song to the best of their ability, whether it’s the interlocked octave riffs of ‘Last Night’ to the keyboard like synth riff of ‘12:51’ they have always played what was necessary rather than just playing what was expected, which is why in a track like ‘Reptilia’ when the guitar solo kicks in its exciting because they don’t rely on a similar paint by numbers reproduction in the other 10 songs on the album. But wait a minute! This isn’t a Wikipedia chat about The Strokes talk about the single for gawds sake!

Here we are today with the 48 hour free download sitting in my inbox. It’s an immediate winner and although phrases such as ‘return to form’ are being thrown about the place with the track from lazy journalists and online critics I can’t actually remember when they weren’t strictly firing on all cylinders as the albums previously have all been great as far as I’m concerned and although ‘This Is It’ has achieved “classic” territory with the next generation the follow ups were equally of a high standard. So as for ‘Under Cover Of Darkness’ it’s just the next step along the yellow brick road of greatest for the group. I can’t wait for the album.

'Under Cover Of Darkness' is currently available as a free download for 48 hours and the album 'Angels' will follow on the 22nd March.

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