Friday, 30 September 2011

the devils in the details...

Keeping and maintaining a blog takes some level of dedication and constant thought for the reader, at least that’s what it says in the book. I personally just spew out a load of random gibberish regarding whatever coherent views I maintain that day and some of it works. Every now and then when I see no albums/singles/EP’s/Gigs worth mentioning I create a list of various songs or artists for my beautiful online droogs to investigate in the hope that their own personal tastes and collections can be grown to include artists such as Todd Rundgren, Frank Zappa and Phil Spector records. Although I can’t perform miracles I still look forward to the day long in the future when some twenty something verjazzled bint wanders up to me and mentions that "that Captain Beefheart is bare sick bruv!" only then I will feel I have in some respect participated in this world.

I don’t really believe in the diary concept. The idea that thoughts and general musings are somehow supposed to be kept secret while at the same time noted down and kept in chronological dated order seems a bit suspect, surely if something is supposed to be kept personal then probably best not writing it down and logging it in your own fair handwriting would be a good tip. It's almost false modesty, "oh please don't read that, it's private...what do you mean the handwriting is messy!!" its the same as pop stars and movie icons thanking God in their speeches trying to be selfless and modest when what they are in fact saying if you read between the lines is "thank god for making me so fucking talented, it is truly a gift that I'm the greatest thing around" me a favour.

You can probably tell that I don’t have anything interesting to post music wise today, probably due to the fact the sun is shining, I’m stuck at work and the only music to pass through my psyche in the last 48 hours has been a constant loop of ‘Safe As Milk’ by Captain Beefheart & his Magic Band and a handful of pub rock songs for my upcoming foray from semi musical retirement into the world of cover bands and mercenary cash for hire type playing.

There will be proper posts coming your way in the next few weeks (ok next week) including an interview with Dev Hynes/Lightspeed Champion/Blood Orange as well as a review of the new album from Brooklyn band Forest Fire so in the mean time Friday is here, log off and go and get some fresh air…

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