Thursday, 22 September 2011

IC1s - 'Levitate' single review


For all of you out there in cyber-land still worried about whether your jeans are skinny enough or whether your keyboards and haircuts are ironic enough for post 80s indie pop you can fear no more. IC1s have released their debut single 'Levitate' and instead of trying to re-invent the wheel like a lot of bands they've decided to get another 3 wheels and run over the boring wimpy NME flavour of the week tat and just simply kick out the jams muddy funsters!

'Levitate' should be released with a warning 'MUST BE PLAYED LOUD' and this isn't due to a bad mastering mix but down to the fact that true rock and roll in its purest form is always best when played loud, proud and dripping with arrogance.

IC1s wear their influences on their sleeves, with rock and roll guitars, fat bass notes reminiscent of The Who and lead vocalist Dan Coburn acting as the ring master for the rock and roll circus that is IC1s.

Already a fan favourite at their gigs 'Levitate' complete with it's driving verse and sing along chorus 'Levitate' is bound to be a massive festival track in 2012

download from the link below.

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