Friday, 9 September 2011

far too many carbs before Marbs...

The blog will be a little quiet from Monday as I will be sunning my royal behind in sunny Spain, although fear not little ones as I have a great interview with Dev Hynes (Lightspeed Champion/Blood Orange)prepared which will be all formatted and ready to publish as soon as I'm back in dear ol' blighty...

Also one to watch out for while I'm away is on the 19th September when the debut single 'Levitate' from IC1s will be released via Gary Powell's (The Libertines) 25 Hour Convenience Store Records and is a perfect introduction to the band and their no frills rock and roll sound. A teaser trailer for the single is currently on YouTube.

October also has in store: Todd Rundgren (in Todd we trust)
Miles Kane @ Electric Ballroom

Late October also sees the official release of 'The Smile Sessions' from the original Beach Boys recording dates which I've already dismissed as a pointless cash in although in typical fashion will probably spin a 180 once I've heard and digested.

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