Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The spark that started the fire...


Over the years there have been many millions of songs written in many languages and whenever a music magazine has a quiet month with nothing happening of interest they always decide to push the ever faithful "GREATEST ALBUMS OF ALL TIME" lists as voted by YOU!...As if 'you' know anything! After all it was 'YOU' that got Mr Blobby, Bucks Fizz and Susan Boyle to no.1...'YOU' clearly have no friggin' idea what is good. So instead of asking the general public about the embarassments that are their own personal record collections lets go straight to the source.

I have recently chatted to the new generation of artists, bands and industry mavericks to find out through their own rose tinted glasses what was 'THE ALBUM' that turned them on at the start and pushed them from a life shifting boxes and stacking frozen pizza's to the yellow brick road of Rock and Roll...

IC1S Frontman Daniel Coburn and Guitarist and partner in crime Jesse James.

Daniel Coburn - Snoop Dogg - 'Doggy Style'
"I used to wear my red baggy jeans and blast this one out. I even used to face my speakers out the window, my mum used to hate it, I still love it!"

Jesse James - Michael Jackson - 'Dangerous'
"I was more obsessed with MJ then that I am with myself, now. Remarkable.
Dan (Coburn) has just agreed that he was also pretty obsessed with him aswell (and did some kind of MJ spin on my flat floor).
Bought the record from Woolworths in 1991. Still got it now, great record."

Nikki Grahame (Big Brother Star, Television Presenter,Author and bona fide Radiohead obessive)

'I Should Coco' by Supergrass
"I listened to it constantly throughout my 2 year stay at Great Ormond Street Hospital, and even made the other children on the ward perform 'Sofa of my Lethargy' at the Xmas Concert!"

Lianna Davies - Bass player extraordinaire from Turbowolf

'Pussy Whipped' by Bikini Kill

"When I first got into punk music I was constantly searching for something, which I could relate to more. Most of the music scene was completely testosterone filled and male dominated. As a 13 year old girl how was I ever going to relate 30 year old men singing about things I didn’t quite have an understanding to? One day I visited an EX Bf’s and he asked if I had heard Bikini Kill to which he handed me Bikini Kill 'Pussy Whipped'. He never got it back (Sorry Tom!) It was my Joan Jett moment. The first time I heard it, it completely blew me away. It was what I had been searching for, A band who I could truly relate to. It’s such an angry record but so poetically beautiful. It’s punk as fuck, in your face and uncompromisingly brilliant. I still get shivers every time I listen to it; even now it’s exciting to listen to. To me the most important record for the Riot Grrl movement maybe because it’s record that introduced me to the whole scene. The gritty guitars, fuzzy bass lines, tribal drumbeats, girl gang vocals and the snarling but angelic voice of Kathleen Hannah. Bikini Kill was a troupe not to mess with. Bikini Kill tackled issues in ways I never thought could have been by music. Pussy Whipped made me find my own voice and pick up a guitar and start my own band and for the first time I knew the music bug possessed me."

Anton Newcombe - Brian Jonestown Massacre

"It wasn't an album, it was all of the good ones that I loved VS how much I hated MTV, Grunge, Funk, Punk, Guns N Roses etc. I wanted to be in a group but nobody would have me in whatever Joy Division / Nick Cave / Post Punk project in San Francisco at the time."

Davina Cooke - Solo Artist


"Unfortunately I cant remember my first album. I suspect it's Bros 'Push' which I still have on vinyl. I revisited it not so long ago and a flurry of giddy feelings and heady fantasyland activities about not one but all three members of Bros came flooding back. Did I really think that 'Grrr" "Oooerrrr" was cool? It's got a groove for sure though 'Drop by Boy' the swooning 'Cat Among the Pigeons'... Hmmm. But maybe this obsession connected to the twins and the other one and the music was the start of my obsession with music forever more. So well hey thank you twins and the sultry brunette and well done for that Matrix film you were kinda cool."


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