Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Vincent Gallo - LIVE 2013

Good morning my children!

Today we have a real feather in the cap and for the large percentage of you out there in the USA I have some great and impressive news.

Vincent Gallo is playing the San Frandelic Summer Fest!


The movie star, writer, director, songwriter, model, artist, entrepreneur and general renaissance man about town that's who!

You mean the guy from Buffalo 66?

The very same

I fuckin' loved that film!!

Well good for you, it is a classic.

So he makes records as well?

Yes he does. You mean you haven't heard 'WHEN'?

ummmmmm...was there one with Paris Hilton in her under...


'Honey Bunny'

Yeah, I loved that song, almost a lullaby, and this was way before she became world famous, he must be right on the edge of the curve all the time right?


Shit, I think I should check him out and start listening to all of his records.

Go for it, tickets available here...


Thank you, you sir are a true gentleman

please, stop you know I hate compliments

no, no it must be said!

Ok, you're probably right.

Live at the 3rd Annual San Francisco Summerfest
Saturday, August 3, 2013 at Thee Parkside

Doors: 12:00pm (Ages: 21+)


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