Thursday, 3 December 2009

Dr Chris prescribes....

4 spoonfuls of I'm A Bird Now byAntony And The Johnsons

spotify,youtube,i-tune or just beg,borrow or steal the following tracks...

Hope There's Someone
You Are My Sister
What Can I Do?
Fistful Of Love

If you've never heard them then prepare yourself as he does have an unusual voice, some would say similar to Nina Simone, though I don't see the comparison myself, though Lou Reed (who sings and plays guitar on Fistful Of Love)said "he sounds like an angel".. and if you forget the cliche' and think of an angel as a spiritual godly being that is neither male nor female but a light soul free from all the earthly and human faults then I guess he's spot on....

Give them a listen, then repeat...if you still don't like...then move on..

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