Monday, 7 December 2009

...its the new Rock N Roll

what is? Rock N Roll... proper boogie woogie shouting stomping rock and roll...

its like a revolution because it revolves around and around time and again when needed... whenever music starts going to far up its own arse and getting fiddly with muso's making records for other musicians instead of the man in the street and their fans then rock and roll appears again to wipe away the shit and start comes in different forms. The last I can remember has to be The White Stripes. A rock and roll band? Are you sure I hear you cry? Yes...3 chord (sometimes 2 chords, sometimes just one single riff repeated over) simple dynamic primal drums, no machines just full on saturday night paycheck music

It happened with Punk in the late 70s...prog had pretty much taken hold of the rock airwaves, disco was taking the pop stations and the economy had fallen through the floor here...bands formed learned 3 chords and bashed out Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry songs on speed and Punk was now mainstream..

I can feel it coming again... people want to smile again, not pose. We need the devils music back instead of the atheist dead electro music...lets have saints and sinners back in music..

listen to

"Who Do you Love?" - Bo Diddley
"Let it Rock" - Chuck Berry
"Keep A'Knockin'" - Little Richard
"I'm Walkin'" - Fats Domino
"Rumble" - Link Wray
"Searchin'" - Coasters
"Dust My Broom" - Elmore James

"I like rock and roll, and I don't like much else..."- John Lennon 1970

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