Friday, 11 December 2009

A Wizard....A True Star...

Todd Rundgren... pretty much the poster boy for cult musicians/bands...fanatical fans, prolific, always leading the way following his new musician muse. Someone that was a multi instrumentalist long before Prince (who is a massive Rundgren fan) A industries and labels nightmare to deal with, always turning a 360 as soon as a "crossover" is about to happen, never about to make a "follow up" to capitalise on a albums success. "SOMETHING/ANYTHING" was his BIG album, with singles like "I Saw The Light" and "It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference" becoming staples of AM radio and the start of the power pop boom... so what happens next? He retreats to his studio workshop and makes "A Wizard A True Star" a psychedelic opus that segues songs into one another then drops a soul medley of the delfonics from out of space...yes acid was involved...

Where ever you are, he is 3 steps ahead of you...and has multi coloured rainbow hair when he's doing it...

he also made time to produce The New York Dolls debut and Bat Out of Hell!

In Todd we trust.


1) I saw the light
2) It wouldn't have made any difference
3) Can we still be friends
4) sometimes i don't know what to feel
5) zen archer
6) Marlene
7) be nice to me
8) hello its me
9) god said

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