Thursday, 3 December 2009

How many Satanist's does it take to change a light-bulb?

answer: None....let darkness reign!

just thought of that one, reading about Anton LeVey, for those not in the know...he was the leader and creator of "the church of Satan"...which members included Marilyn Manson and funnily enough Sammy Davis Junior...

its his "black house" that appears on the front of The Eagles album "hotel california" and he's written many books on the subject of his so called anti-religion..

Only read 1 of his books, and surprisingly it's quite a good read, nothing about "Satan" as such, it's mainly a term his uses as the basically a marketing tool. People see that and go "oh my...devil worshipping" and either run for the hills or think "cool"...either way they are usually disappointed when they read a few pages. It's simply a way of just living by your natural instincts and wants rather than following a list of rules arranged and listed by popes and politicians. His main example is the guys that he saw drunk at whore houses on Friday were the same guys he saw at church on Sunday begging for forgiveness... just do it, be honest...fuck all the guilt involved..embrace your own judge,jury and executioner...

He also played a mean Keyboard... :o)

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