Tuesday, 9 November 2010

1 + 1 = 3

Good morning children, as many late night watering holes have found out the drunker a party of people get the more in depth and detailed the conversations go. In the world of Internet enabled mobile phones it is easy to check and double check points while making them and many the chin stroking comments can be shot out of the water in the time it takes to line up another round of drinks. A topic that comes up time again is "what album was that on?" when discussing a good,bad or indifferent track. Today's topic is a quick list of those curve ball songs that direct you to the albums of the same name but aren't in fact on those albums either because they weren't completed in time or worst of all the artist or band was laughing from their mansions at the forehead twitching fans wondering if they'd bought the right version or not.

I've kept it simple today trying to stick to the classics as its pointless mentioning some random Japanese b-sides only album that had a different mix of some long forgot Elvis Costello track on. Lets show the wood for the trees today.

Houses Of The Holy - Led Zeppelin, a great track but one not on the album of the same name but in fact released a few years later on Physical Graffiti.

Bring It On - This track from Gomez was the title of their Mercury Award winning debut album although the track itself Bring It On didn't appear until the follow up album Liquid Skin, cheeky scamps.

Exile On Main Street Blues - This is a bit of a cheating one but I think still worth a mention. "Exile On Main Street Blues" was a track recorded during the mixing sessions of The Rolling Stones classic album of the same name but instead of appearing later on it was given away free in NME (on a plexi disc..whoo whoo) as part of the promotion.

Waiting For The Sun - The Doors were never conventional and hardily surprising that they would confuse their fans by keeping this more progressive sounding track for a later album rather than adding it to their second album, or maybe they just had better material lying around but liked the title. This finally surfaced on Morrison Hotel.

There have been others that have simply been relegated to b-sides not even making it to hallowed track listings, these include:

Midnite Vultures - Beck ; b-side BECK (EP)

Screamadelica - Primal Scream ; Found on the Dixie Narco EP (ten minute dance track)

His 'n' Hers - Pulp ; The sisters EP

Siamese Dream - The Smashing Pumpkins, on the single Disarm b-side

I hope this has shown you that X never marks the spot when it comes to musicians and pop stars and they'll happily send the punters down a blind alley if the stars aren't in alignment or the final mix of the violins isn't quite right yet before sneaking it out disguised at a later date...

thank you for your time, there are tea and cakes in reception...

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