Tuesday, 2 November 2010

off the xmas list....

With every high street and bus stop reminding me that we have only 7 odd weeks to Christmas the shops are already twitching with bargain hunting consumers looking to get that "perfect" present for their UN-grateful offspring. As a music lover (bordering on rock snob) I tend to get music based goodies including Cd's,DVDs etc, but what of the rubbish and 1 star material that is available out there on the shelves by good artists that the great Auntie Mildrid's of the world would purchase because of the artist on the front for their nephews and grandchildren. Awful records by famous stars....pray to Santa, Jesus, The Easter Bunny,The Tooth Fairy and all the other beloved children's characters that you don't get one of these in your stocking Xmas morning....

A live album released in 1974 of Elvis Presley which features NO SONGS, just the chatter, random drug induced humming and lame jokes that were recorded between the songs (each "track" is faded before the songs were to start), still made number 9 in the Billboard Charts on its release so there is no end to the stupidity of fans.

2)ARC-WELD - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
The companion piece to the excellent live album "WELD" (which features Neil Young & Crazy Horse in fine form re-inventing some of Young's best songs for the early 90s grunge generation) but this "album" collated by Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore consists of the feedback and guitar squeals from the live records and made into an avant-garde sound collage....ignore, rubbish.

Already given my write up on this piece of crap on previous posts, but lets just say that time isn't a great healer with a double album of feedback that even the artist involved hasn't listened to all the way through.

When a great artist dies young and still commands interest its only to be expected that the record company is going to scrape every barrel and check every inch of tape for NEW recordings to pack,ship and sell to the public. Jimi Hendrix has had everything but him singing in the bath released at some point (15 albums released so far and counting when he only lived to see the release of 3 of them!) Some of the recordings have been 5 star gold (see First Rays Of The New Rising Sun) but this is the worst thing ever given the "Hendrix" name. A live recording from New York's Scene club recorded after a gig with guest artists such as Jim Morrison, Johnny Winter plowing through lame versions of blues songs and Cream and Beatles tracks ("Sunshine Of Your Love" and "Tomorrow Never Knows") Complete dogshit, I could make a more convincing Hendrix album with a tennis racket guitar and headband.

5)DYLAN & THE DEAD - Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead Bob Dylan in the 80's on tour with The Grateful Dead sound as bad as all that? Yes it is. Dylan songs re-arranged and given the treatment from the San Francisco peddlers of space rock and LSD munching never ending solo's, what was blowin' in the wind? A wet fart of an album

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