Monday, 22 November 2010

the blank page...

As Ernest Hemingway once quoted "the daily trauma of the blank page" was always something that frustrated him no matter how many books he completed, there was always going to be a fresh piece of paper in his type writer smiling at him. Now not for a single micro-second would I be brash enough to compare myself with someone of Hemingway's statue but I understand the predicament. Recently I have been attending gigs, writing reviews, churning out general rants and pointless lists of songs that I have chosen to "educate" the proles who prefer to thumb through copies of NME rather than find out where the music actually came from and seeking the source rather than the copy cats. Recently I'm starting to grasp for idea's to report on between getting official assignments from the 4 sites I now write for. On the plus side I did get a "friend request" from Vincent Gallo after I had emailed him in regards to a Travis Bean guitar that I had seen for sale on EBAY and knew he'd been looking out for recently (yes the word obsessive geek doesn't even start to describe my insanity sometimes)so that was a nice result.

Monday 22ND November is now here and with 4 days to go before pay day I am going to have to either flick through Spotify to hear any new albums/singles or try and knock up a piece discussing either an old band or something current.eeek!...

With nothing through yet from Music Magazine or Artrocker this morning (10.28am) I think that the least I could do would be to bring you all up to speed regarding your heroes current listening habits for the weekend. So far they have included Miles Kane's new forthcoming single "Inhaler" which is right up my alley as well as a recently found new mix of the Brian Wilson classic "Till I Die" which has always been a firm favourite of mine from the "Surf's Up" album but in this new mix stretches the song out as well as bringing all the instruments in one by one showing the complexity and harmonic structure of Wilson's mind from the inside out, truly beautiful.

Briefly yet fleetingly had the idea of starting another band last night although as the cold sweats started when considering all that would involve decided against the bullshit and backstabbing these things include and preferred getting a Chinese in and practicing my sweep picking until I get the call to join Steely Dan.


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