Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Anna Calvi is one of Domino Records' newest signings and with her name gently building up momentum in the music press of late I would go as far to say that 2011 will be the year that makes her. Her live shows are talking points long after the bouncers have ushered fans out of the venues and with patronages from such rock luminaries as The Corals former guitar hero Bill Ryder-Jones, Brian Eno and of course Nick Cave (who’s taken Calvi on tour as support for his Grinderman band) she is certainly making waves on the circuit.

Although small of statue physically, on stage she is a giant, cranking lightning out of her telecaster and red Vox Amp, not seen this side of Jack White, and due to her taste in flamenco she weaves a wave of sound back at the audience in such a way that she can sound like two players at once, something which she describes as: “creating the impressionistic element of the music”. Her playing style musically quotes everything from Django Reinhardt to Jimi Hendrix and even classical writers such as Debussy and Ravel, while at the same time accompanying her own distinct operatic like vocals.

Her first single 'Jezebel' is a cover of the Edith Piaf track and is a great introduction to the dramatic sound and voice of Anna Calvi, with its rolling rhythm reminiscent of 'Conquest' by the White Stripes if it had been cut for a Robert Rodriguez film and her controlled powerful and passionate vocals. It is the first taste of the band before the debut album is released on the 17th of January 2011.

I have seen her live show twice in as many months at The Borderline and then at Soho’s Madam Jo Jo’s and after hearing some of the material to make the album I think that before long she will be the “name” to drop when discussing new music on the scene with such songs as 'Love Won’t Be Leaving' making many the top tracks list upon release and may be first hand in bringing back guitar solo’s to the indie world with some guts.

Supported live by a very small band consisting of Daniel Maiden-Wood on drums and backing vocals and musical twin Mally Harpaz on what seems a mystery bag of shakers, harmonium, percussion and anything else to hand she has found two musical allies to bring the gospel of rock and roll back to the masses while still being able to get sexy and bluesy with the best of them. Look out Grinderman, you better pull out a hell of a show.

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