Tuesday, 16 November 2010


The Beatles VS iTUNES

It’s official (well since 3pm today) that one of the most hallowed back catalogues in pop music history and also the one that was conspicuous by its absence in the iTunes gallery was that of The Beatles. Lawyers were going back and forward for years about a meeting of minds between the two parties involved. This has been going head to head before iTunes as both The Beatles own label APPLE CORP. and APPLE COMPUTERS (obviously share the same name and similar logo). A decision was made that as long as there wasn't a conflict of interests i.e. FAB FOUR COMPUTERS then it would be ok.

Now after the recent re-mastering of all The Beatles music it seems that it is a good time to package it up and ship it out one more time before EMI lose the rights (yes it’s been that long). In fact the last Beatles album in the cannon was released over 40 years ago!

Cynics will say that who cares? The Beatles were so long ago it might as well be trying to get a 14 year old into world war 1 music but the difference is that a song like "All You Need is Love" or "Hey Jude" are timeless and whether you play it for the 1000th time in your car or on your turntable or for the 1st time on your MP3 player, the experience will be new and fresh to the listener. As a Beatles fan bordering on obsessive it can only irritate me when I hear people who apparently "love all music" but don't "get" the Beatles. As if there is something to "get". It’s not a joke or a hidden magic eye picture, they are amazing songs, played amazingly and the soundtrack to a generation out side of the one when it was originally recorded. Brick Lane sceenster kids who only like new, new, new bands from 11am today only can listen to a song by the new flavour of the week without seeing the blatant link from The Beatles. From the newest drum and bass song mixed last night The Beatles already recorded "Tomorrow Never Knows" in 1966. The new X-factor slow ballad with slow building strings and vocals edging for xmas number 1? The Beatles already have such tracks as "Here, There and Everywhere" and "Something". Even the most Avant garde' act out there have a while to go before they top "Revolution #9" from The White Album. The Beatles are yesterday, today and tomorrow, get over it. For those of you who only know the singles and the hits take the chance to browse the catalogue on iTunes and find the nuggets of gold in them fab mines...goo goo ga-joob!

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