Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Hallelujah brothers and sisters!!

On the day that another brainwashed religious fanatical idiot was sent down for life in NYC for his crazy beliefs about martyrs,gods and virgins I thought as a nice change of pace to throw in the TOP 10 best GOD songs!!!!

praise be!
and remember he's NOT the messiah, he's very naughty boy!

10)Godwhacker - Steely Dan - cool 70s jazz rock mixed with William Burroughs-esqe lyrics and Woody Allen views of the world.

09) Our Prayer - Brian Wilson - A chorus wave of vocals orchestrated by Brother Brian sung in a wordless interweaving of notes and chords, inspiring.

08) A Love Supreme - John Coltrane - The Whole Album is broken up into 4 parts "Acknowledgement","Resolution","Pursuance","Psalm", his album after his drug addiction that he praises the almighty from freeing him from the chains of heroin.

07) Forever Loving Jah! - Bob Marley - a vague connection? Possibly...whether jah is god or just his dealer Bob Marley sings like a man who knows something we don't.

06) A Change Is Gonna Come - Sam Cooke - I know purists will argue its more of a civil rights song but Sam Cooke's gospel infused vocals and worries about what's waiting for him "beyond the sky" gives a true reading into the challenges of "faith"..

05) Spirit In The Sky - Norman Greenbaum - 60s swampy pop song..great melody from the deep south.

04) Awaiting on You All - George Harrison - this 1970 track from "All Things Must Pass" is a screaming,hollering,fainting in the isle's gospel track with shakers and tambourines a plenty with the Phil Spector production..Krishna-krishna George!

03) Every Grain Of Sand - Bob Dylan ; from just after his new born christian period comes this work of poetic genius that almost pushes me over to the burning bush...but not quite.

02) GOD SAID - Todd Rundgren - A late entry from one of his newest albums "Liars"..a conversation from the view point of a man and then god replying that like everyone else in history this guy has got it wrong and missed the point as well...

01) GOD - JOHN LENNON "I don't believe in Jesus, kings, yoga,Zimmerman, Beatles"..who does he believe in?..."me...Yoko and me...that's reality"

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