Friday, 8 October 2010

Re-Discovered Classics - October

Re-discovered Classics.

Due to few angry hipsters out there that got their “ironic” Pac-Man underwear in a twist about my “lost classics” post I have re-named it Re-discovered classics now.
For those of you not in “the know” this is where I list some old and in some cases new-ish tracks that might have flown so low under the radar that they were missed altogether or simply just great songs you aren’t ever going to hear on XFM or see on

Here’s my October List.

1)BerlinLou Reed ; This is the version from his first solo album “Lou Reed” as opposed to the version on the “Berlin” album a few years later. I’ve always preferred this version as it doesn’t sound quite as dark and murky as the re-make.

2)96 Tears Question Mark and The Mysterians ; This garage rock nugget from the Cameo Parkway label was kept in limbo for years due to the ownership of the label not re-releasing any of the companies songs onto cd so the only way to hear this would have been if you owned it on vinyl or watched some grainy footage on YouTube. Its now available everywhere and is a great frat party classic with its cheap spooky sounding organ and straight 4/4 scratchy guitar riff.

3)Don’t Let Me In - Steely Dan ; This track is only available on a compilation of pre debut album tracks by Donald Fagan and Walter Becker called “Beginnings” while they were struggling songwriters pitching their work in New York. While the seeds of what was to come are evident the overall sound of it is more bluesy and innocent than the later sardonic high brow jazz infused pop classics they were to become famous for.

4)So AliveRyan Adams ; This is a prime example of a song that I’d catch hell from some Nike-Air wearing fringe telling me its not “lost” as it’s their favourite track ever, but it’s one that doesn’t get played enough and mentioned in the same breath as other tracks in the Ryan Adams catalogue where I actually would argue that it’s his finest moment and the best track on the “Rock N Roll” album. Great chiming Marr-esque guitars interweaving with each other on a wave of echo with Ryan Adams singing in his best Morrissey tenor, a definite main-stay in my DJ box.

5)You Needed More The Sleepy Jackson ; The opening track from the 2nd album (no I’m not American and refuse to call it sophomore album!”…their 2nd album “Personality – One Was A Spider, One Was A Bird” . This track is full of the trademarks of front man, songwriter and chief Luke Steele's heroes, Phil Spector, Brian Wilson are all included in the reverb laden drums and shakers and the choral harmonies thickening up the hook and expanding the middle 8 into classic blissed out territories. Definitely don’t file next to your Cramps CDs…

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