Thursday, 7 October 2010

Politics VS Rock n Roll

At the start of the week the world ( was shocked to see Velvet Underground drummer Maureen (Moe) Tucker being interviewed on TV, and not because the 66 year old mother of 5 confirmed catholic was looking to start a revolution or promote heroin use to the nation mind but simply because of who she had come out to promote and discuss.

She was there to stand with The Tea Party, a conservative right wing political group in the USA. This didn't go down well with the staunch Left wing (bordering on communism manifesto) reading students that run the indie paper who felt she was "voting wrong", after all she'd played drums on some of the most influential records of all time and had been the benchmark for such other bands as The Jesus and Mary Chain, Hatcham Social and right up to any other drummer that stands up and plays primal 2 lick drum beats. "How dare she vote for these right wing idiots!" they gasped, who the hell did this free woman who'd paid into the system without ever really making any profit (The Velvet Underground's biggest record still never actually charted so royalties were pointless)think she was? Which leads me to believe that the underlying message of the left wing parties seems to be "freedom of speech unless you say something I don't like". Below I have listed some other so called "wrong" rock stars that happily vote or voted Conservative or Right Wing parties. Remember just as the Nazis get labelled "right wing"..then Stalin and Chairman Mao must get labeled "left wing" so it's all a big row in the middle of the same hypocrisy.

Freedom of speech and the right to vote are the only way things can ever change and making your own mind up is the last bit of freedom the government have left us to fight over. Personally I like musicians and artists by the work they create call me crazy, Bob Dylan could be a paid up member of Al-Qaeda for all I care "Blonde On Blonde" is still a 5 star banger...


1) JOHNNY RAMONE (THE RAMONES) - Staunch Republican supporter even on his induction quoted "God bless President Bush, and God bless America".

2) Ted Nugent - The 70s guitar slinger holds all the republican values very close to his puffed out chest beating heart, basically leave my guns,money and bible the hell alone. If your looking for a hand out then move on down the road.

3) Elvis Presley - The king of rock and roll himself wrote a rambling 6 page letter to Richard Nixon explaining his worries about the drug crazed youth movements and how everyone should be watching out for the hippies,counter culture and black panther movements even going as far as putting himself forward as an agent to infiltrate them (not the panthers though I think!)

4) Ian Curtis (JOY DIVISION) - I can almost hear 1000 emo students fainting at the thought of this one but the Joy Division doe eyed singer/songwriter/ face of a generation was also a supporter of the Conservative party even voting for Margaret Thatcher in 1979 which brought her into power over the Labour Party.

5) 50 CENT - A fan of George W Bush going as far to call him "gangsta" as funny as that sounds and as bad of a president he was 50 (sorry FIDDY) didn't actually get to vote for anyone as his felony conviction upheld by Bush prevented him...I think they call that biting the hand that feeds you George..

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