Tuesday, 28 September 2010

All quiet on the western..avenue...

Things are looking a bit quiet on here since Friday but rest assured I'm simply biding my time. Digesting new albums from Neil Young and Arcade Fire while waiting for the new Kings Of Leon offering.

Also still deciding whether the new MONO versions of Bob Dylans albums is worth the re-buy. I already have them on CD, now there is the MONO versions, then I guess they'll release them again in 5.1 stereo with extra tracks, then release them again in its "original" packaging with the extra songs taken off, then just before he changes label they'll be released MONO version and 5.1 stereo versions together with alt.versions of takes. No wonder nobody cares that the Internet is taking over the industry, the bankers and fat cats have been robbing the punters for years i.e. making you buy something you already own.

stay strong bruvvers and sisters!

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