Thursday, 30 September 2010

Single Review

Jamie WoonNight Air (Ramadanman Refix)
Night Air by Jamie Woon is the first release of his new album and with this new remix (or Refix) by Ramadanman we are shown 2 sides of his personality, this version is much more in the vein of early Massive Attack and Trip-Hop.

The basic track is kept simple with just stuttering drums and echo laden treated keys to help cushion his voice. I can see a comparison with Kid A era Radiohead although that's mainly through production trade-marks rather than any vocal or song writing (very similar keyboard stabs to “Idioteque”. A pretty relaxed production especially when compared with the original version which I believe will be the A-Side to this remix. On repeat listening there seems to be a lot of quiet time where I assume other songs would be mixed although as a solo piece sounds a little too empty and lacking in idea's.

Jamie Woon is definitely still one to watch on the London circuit (recent support act's have included Amy Winehouse) as his solo show with guitar and minimal line up shows his talent and songsmith skills, unfortunately this isn't the best setting for his own style of music and soul infused vocals. The original recording from which this was taken is better in ever respect with a straight pop hook and overall better production and personality. Less is more, except in this case. To little too late.

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