Friday, 17 September 2010

top 5 soundtracks...

After walking through the jungle of DVDs and T-shirts that used to be the record shop HMV I ended up in the small area of cd's, the Soundtrack section. Everyone film that comes out seems to have a soundtrack even if its just backing scores and instrumentals..who needs the Titanic score? I doubt the Blade Runner soundtrack is going to get that office christmas party rocking. But to be positive and ignore the negatives like a racist electrician here are my top 10 soundtracks for you to dismiss and dig out if you actually shelled out for them.

Magnolia - Amazing film, Even better soundtrack Aimee Mann doing both originals and covers (her version of One is probably better than the original)

The Blues Brothers - ok a bit of a cop out because its jam packed with so many great artists (what's next? A Hard Days Night you bounder and cheat!) But as an album its the record that single handily gave back careers to people like John Lee Hooker that were trying to compete with the Disco music of the times, thank you Dan Aykroyd, probably the only time I will ever utter those words, especially after Blues Brothers 2000 and My Stepmothers An Alien!...

Jackie Brown - I couldn't do a list without mentioning Quentin Tarantino as he always has amazing soundtracks relying on carefully chosen records rather than an actual "score" or songs written for the film itself. Jackie Brown is a master class of choosing 70s soul records. "Natural High" by Bloodstone is a stone cold classic and one I'd never heard until I saw the film. Using Bobby Womacks "Across 110 Street" was a stroke of genius, especially using it as the opening credits theme when in fact the song was originally written for "Across 110 Street" the movie, I can't imagine using the "Goldfinger" theme for the new cohen brothers film about midwest farmers.

High Fidelity - Another easy one as its about a record shop owner and his taste in music, but where else do you get to here The Beta Band, Stevie Wonder, Jack Black and Elvis Costello on the same record?

The Harder They Come - From the movie of the same name, Jimmy Cliff never sounded any better and a record I heard a lot during the summers growing up that I didn't even realise was a soundtrack as each song fit together and was so good on its own merit. "You Can Get It If You Really Want" and "Many Rivers To Cross" have been integrated into the great subconscious now and forever.

probably a lot more...but its now lunch time and so reality calls..all these moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain...time for a quarter pounder and cheese...

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