Wednesday, 29 September 2010


The Rock and Roll hall of fame has listed it’s nominations for this year. Artist diverse as Alice Cooper, LL Cool J, Donovan, Tom Waits to Dr John all deserving as they are individually for recognition will still have to be discussed and decided on whether they are “rock and roll” enough to enter this museum.

Obviously the artists that have come before are all valid and great, great artists but the issue I have with the whole concept is that it’s very mainstream and corporate, an almost “Tutti Frutti” sponsored by McDonalds. Rock and Roll as a genre was about and should always be about rebellion and sticking 2 fingers up at authority. Older rock stars from yester-year in tuxedos with their plastic surgery obsessed wives grinning as they get another award simply for still being alive seems to go against everything they ever stood for.

In my opinion if such a thing as “the rock and roll hall of fame” had to exist at all then it would be in an abandoned warehouse half falling down after the 1000th party, beer stains all over the floor, half asleep teenagers in piles while the police try and break down the back door, the Waldorf Astoria in New York with a couple of hundred dollar plate dinners isn’t.

Artists such as Chuck Berry, The Beatles, The Who have all been in for many years nowadays its Bon Jovi? The most easy going parent friendly 80’s poodle perm rock (with a small r) band ever to shuffle out of New Jersey. It seems that the only criteria you need to enter these days to be eligible is for their first release to be at least 25 years old. Although in the past acts such as the Dave Clarke Five missed their chance even after winning more votes as not enough Rap artists were mentioned so Grandmaster Flash won the nomination (this was later confirmed by Rolling Stone Editor Jann Wenner), Dave Clark Five had to wait another year. Rules, rules, rules. The very thing rock and roll came to break. A year when Donna Summer could be winning over Darlene Love or Laura Nyro for anything is the REAL day the music died.

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